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With Career Channel, we find you only high quality candidates. We assure you only the best customized solutions and processes to your requirements. Career Channel finds you quality candidates that meet your needs....

We profile & plan

We work closely with your Human Resource and the hiring team of which we must first have a total understanding with, especially on your organisation’s core mission and vision, internal recruitment practices, work and team culture, compensation and benefit schemes and detailed expectations from the hiring team.

We will list down the top technical requirements and competencies together with a detailed understanding of the work description. Career Channel will then form a strategic recruitment process with you to ensure the objective is met via the most effective process. By possessing the full spectrum of your organization profile, we will then be able to reduce a large amount of time spent in future recruiting as we will know exactly the expectations from the organization.

We research and search

Once Career Channel has agreed on the top requirements of the role, we will then produce the industry/sector list in which we wish to target. This will be achieved via various candidate attraction methods including online ads, targeted search, print ads and database search.

The list of suitable candidates will then be identified and contacted for an interview. Candidates who match closest to the requirements of the role will then be reference checked (one verbal check) and proposed to the client. We believe that one verbal check prior to submitting the candidate will assure our client of the authenticity and current candidate profile.

We present the candidate

The candidate's profile will be presented via a report which will highlight the top technical requirements and competencies needed for the role. Also included will be the achievements and work chronology of the candidate together with personal information including the academic history, current compensation and benefit package, notice period and expectations from the candidate (both monetary and work culture).

Career Channel will then work closely with you to schedule interviews at mutually acceptable times and locations. In the process, we will also help you handle issues, such as long-term career desires, commitment, family considerations and candidate feedback to ensure a successful hire.

We prepare the candidate

Prior to the client interview process, we strongly believe in preparing a candidate and ensure the candidate is sufficiently briefed on the background of the company and the opportunity to maximize the benefit of the interview at different stages. Career Channel also conducts post-interview assessments with the candidate to gather interest level and any information that need to be clarified with the client.

These activities will enable us to know the specific responses and important "signs" at the initial and subsequent stages of interviews, with different managers.

We help in offering negotiations

Once the best fit candidate or candidates are identified, we add best value by assisting or even owning the actual offer negotiations with the client and candidate. Career Channel will work with the client to develop compensation and benefit comparison report to be used during the negotiation. We have found that a proper documented report will serve as a commitment from the client to the candidate and for the candidate, a clear understanding of a competitive package that is being offered. This will assist our clients in gauging actual interest levels against components of a complex offer package.

Once acceptance is established, our clients can then make the actual "verbal offer" and subsequently the "paper offer" with terms & conditions and agreed start dates.

We prepare the candidates for commencement

Deals may break at this moment because of new developments in the candidate's current workplace. We constantly work with the selected candidate on efficient resignation and to avert any counter-offers. As we usually work with candidates on their main motivations of wanting a change, we provide strong support and counsel during this crucial career transition. In reality, if the candidate is good and with the right fit, he/she is worthwhile for the current employer to think about counter-offering the candidate to stay.

If relocation is needed, we will work with you and the candidate on an appropriate program, and assist in any issues with necessary professionals.

We don't just stop here

Career Channel knows the importance of making sure the candidate commences work and maintain a high motivation level at least for the first 3 months. Therefore, we will be at the client's office on the first day of work with the candidate to ensure he/she settles in properly and meet with the right people. After the first work week, we will then conduct a follow up call with the client and candidate to ascertain any possible challenges that may have cropped up. Subsequently, there will be another follow up call at the end of the month and a face-to-face review with the client prior to the 3rd month after commencing work.

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